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All measurements in yards.
Markers to Centre of Greens:

Yellow Markers: 150yds

Red Markers: 100yds

Local Rules


Out of Bounds:

  1. Over the course boundaries.

  2. Beyond the kerbing at the driveway, car park and clubhouse surrounds.

  3. Left of 2nd, 11th, 6th & 15th fairways.



Without Penalty:

  1. Ball striking overhead wires or ESB poles must be replayed.

  2. Ball on wrong putting green, Rule 25.3 applies.

  3. ESB Poles/stays/fixed seats and staked trees are immovable objects, also ball resting on water covers and sprinkler heads: relief in accordance with Rule 24.1 applies

  4. Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions; Rule 24.1 applies.


Check noticeboard before you play for further rules that may be in operation.

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